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every piece of jewelry tells a story

Here's My Story~
I started engraving jewelry in 2009, shortly after my daughter, Caroline, was born. Caroline was born 1 month early and has Cerebral Palsy-- which caused me to be home bound with her. 

My mother-in-law decided to purchase a manual engraver so I could work from home. This has been such a fun experience for me, as I have met many people, from different walks of life; Plus, I have been able to share our story about Sweet Caroline.

Each piece of jewelry I make has a personal and unique story......Personally Made, Uniquely Yours.



Find what you want. 


Statement Earrings

Choose your style.


Everyday pieces.


Personalized Necklaces

Choose your piece.

From bands to disks, hearts to bars. Find the piece you want. Make it yours.

Make it personal.

Get the size you want, then add inscriptions or illustrations and extra tags to share your story.

Best Sellers

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